Drawn2Art is devoted to teaching skill-based fundamentals.

Students, ages 4 – 12, teens and adults, begin by using drawing mediums and then move onto painting. Students receive extensive instruction in the use of each painting medium, including color-mixing, painting techniques, and the proper use and care of materials. Simple step-by-step instruction avoids frustration, and makes learning enjoyable for all ages!


Our Philosophy & Approach
Drawn2Art’s philosophy is “creativity follows mastery,” and that a strong foundation of artistic skills will enable students to eventually follow any artistic path they choose. In the same way that the great Masters became proficient in classical drawing and painting first, so do our students. Instruction, coupled with practice, will bring about an independent and confident artist.


Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Classes
Beginning, intermediate and advanced students no longer experience boredom or frustration, as they are taught from individualized, written programs according to their personal abilities and proficiencies (taking into account personal interests and special needs). This allows students to move ahead at their own pace. Classes are held year-round for consistency and steady advancement. This enables students to be given the artistic “tools” and skills they need to create and appreciate art for the rest of their lives.


Step-By-Step Method
Drawn2Art uses a step-by-step method to build skills. Starting with simpler two-dimensional drawing, students then progress to adding tone and color values to create three-dimensionality. We do not promote rote teaching. We promote purposeful teaching. Our goal is always to continue to raise students’ competency from lesson to lesson.