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A FUN, story-based mobile game for learning Spanish that feels like playtime! FabuLingua teaches kids Spanish through interactive stories set in a mobile game.


FabuLingua was voted best new technology to learn a language by language-learning experts and has won awards for innovation. With our science-backed patent, FabuLingua unleashes your child's natural ability to learn a language, and kids acquire Spanish subconsciously! (No more boring vocabulary drilling and memorization!)


“This clever language app is the next best thing to moving to a foreign country.” Fast Company


💬 Story-based

📱 A FUN mobile game

🔬 Science-backed learning

💜 Natural & subconscious language learning!

💪 Independent learning - parents don’t need to speak Spanish.

✨ Great Value! $69.99 / year for up to SIX students


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FabuLingua combines the power of stories, mobile gaming and the science of second language acquisition to bring you the very best (and most FUN!) language-learning experience for kids and teenagers.  Built for Pre-K, Elementary and Middle School children, we get feedback that kids of all ages love learning through our mobile game with cute characters and cool explorer quests.


FabuLingua is beloved by homeschooled kids because it does not feel like schoolwork, it’s a FUN mobile game (think Pokemon and Zelda meets interactive stories).  FabuLingua is beloved by Homeschool parents because it is so effective at getting kids to speak (it’s based on the science of language learning) and is designed for independent learning so parents don’t need to speak any Spanish themselves!


"THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THEY ARE ACTUALLY LOVING SPEAKING SPANISH! Thanks for your help and all of your work developing the app to help me teach my children Spanish. It's been a great addition to our homeschool!" - Holly W., Homeschool mom


“My 7 year old daughter loves this app. She is always asking if she can do her Spanish lessons. I wish she was this excited about her Math and Language Arts lessons.”


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Get ONE MONTH FREE with Promo Code HSSOCIAL at check out


“First and foremost, we are bilingual homeschoolers - so we don’t take our language resources lightly. FabuLingua is an excellent, gentle way to increase language learning in our homeschool. For me, it’s hands off and perfect for independent study for my 8 year old. Instead of sitting down with him for Spanish, he can open the app and pick up Spanish naturally. I’ve even heard his pronunciation improve due to the native speakers used for the app recordings. For my son, it’s just fun immersive language learning and he really enjoys the stories and animated illustrations throughout the program. The gamified learning improves his recall and his desire to use the program. When it’s time for Spanish I don’t have to tell him twice because he runs to grab his tablet to use FabuLingua!” Chrystal G. Homeschool mom, Madison, AL.