Little School of Music

28306 Constellation Rd. Valencia, CA 91355

Little School of Music is the premier music school in the Santa Clarita Valley for all ages and levels. We specialize in teaching music to all ages, instruments, and levels while developing life skills, confidence, and individual character.

Students develop a passion for learning and a love for music as they take ownership of their studies and develop leadership skills and personal character by engaging in a variety of creative music-making activities. Through individual and collaborative learning environments, students have the opportunity to explore and learn from their peers, motivate others, and make meaningful connections in a community of people with common interests.

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Services Offered to Charter Students

Instrumental and Vocal Instruction available - Little School of Music offers a sequential music program divided into levels to help monitor progress and celebrate student achievements. Participating in a balanced, well rounded, structured music education program gives students the opportunity to receive the benefits of studying music. | Music for Little Mozarts Group Music Classes (Kinder-Grade 1) - Join Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse as we learn to play piano, sing, read music, and develop musical skills and vocabulary in this delightful, imaginative class. Children participate in a variety of fun, age-appropriate musical activities together with parents (or other adult) and music friends as they learn and develop a love for music making. Adult participation is required for this class. | Group Music Classes (1st Grade-high school) - Group classes complement individual lessons by covering more of the elements that can be taught and experienced in a group setting. This will also promote student collaborations, group work, ensemble playing, learning from piers, leadership and teaching experience for more advanced students, and it's really fun! | Bands & Ensembles - Playing music with other people is one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences you will have in your lifetime. Don't miss out on that! Our Bands have performed throughout the year in the community, at local schools, and at Music Festivals. Recently, we have traveled to Hollywood, Anaheim, and San Francisco to perform at the World Strides Heritage Music Festivals earning Gold Awards and Maestro Awards.